Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Hi everyone hope you all had a great christmas...mine was the girls are older didnt have to get up as early 8am a resonable hour lol....i've decided before i pack my christmas stamps,paper etc away i'll make some more cards then i'm infront for next year...i'm now able to post to my blog from anywhere in the house as santa brought me a netbook it's fantastic....the other disapointment before christmas was my new toy sizzix expression just stopped working...the shop where i bought it from has been amazing and has phoned sizzix and a new one is on it's way.....will have to borrow my big shot back from my crafting friend as she has borrowed it as her's has broken...hopefully it'll get mended then i'll put my big shot up for sale...electric express so much easier to use as i've problems with my hand turning the handle...i've signed up for my first rak on the cricut have to make 25 layered cuts using the alphabet excluding 'x' the person who makes the best of them wins a cartridge for the cricut hope it's me lol.....will post 2 or 3 on my blog when finished as i want to save the rest for the recipent..bye for now...HAPPY NEW YEAR....

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