Thursday, 18 February 2010


Hi everyone been having a go at making my own buttons to put on my cards....they where made out of fimeo and sculpty.....quite easy to make...althought rolling out and getting the right thickness is an art form in it's self lol... made quite a few as you have to bake the fimo in the oven to harden it......
any way quite impressed with the results not as good as pre-bought buttons....but will add a bit of difference between my handmade cards....will soldier on making them till they are a bit more the moment they are a bit hit and miss with the thickness lol.....the designs where pressed into them from some design sheets you can buy(mine came from hobbycraft)that are rubberised and are just rolled over the top of the rolled out fimo.....thanks for looking and feel free to leave a comment...hopefully when they are more uniformed I might sell them on my blog lol.....

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  1. This sounds very time consuming!! They all turned out very pretty!!
    Jodi =)